Body Transplant

Either transplant kidney or Bone Marrow, we call it a miracle of science that requires the different type of tests including blood group. We praise it happily. Even though the Hindu philosophy proves that neither blood group nor same family group should be matched while transplanting head from one family to another family without anesthesia. We have a vivid example derived from Hindu philosophy. 1. Transplanting head of Elephant on the neck of Lord Ganesha. 2. Transplanting head of Goat on the neck of Dakchhya Prajapati. It is apparent that there was neither any hospital nor any surgeon while transplanting in spite of the natural herbs. At that time, healing with the use of natural herbs was huge success. Now the science even cannot imagine the healing process. It is believed that the cancer and other fatal diseases used to suffer human beings. It has been proved by historical remains available at present. Therefore, we are sure that cancer could not take the life of human beings untimely at that time…….Why? There was no any alternate besides the use of natural herbs. It has been four years since we commenced the study of cancer which can be treated using traditional method by herbs. During this period, we have got a huge success on the treatment and research of around 200 victims of Cancer. We are encouraged to serve in this field due to a miracle result a head in future.

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